The Arts

When we hear the term ‘visual art’ we immediately think of our eyes; we see colours, paint, sculptures, fashion and architecture. Art that requires us to see and contemplate; we start with our eyes and then involve our other senses. Touch, sound, smell, taste perhaps. We imagine if what we are seeing is what the artist saw when they were creating it. Visual art primarily exists in permanent form.  It is art that is recorded, materialised in some way for future consumption.

Visual art may involve aspects of other art, such as textile, conceptual or performing arts. The possibilities are endless, but we often draw a line between the visual and the performing arts. When we witness performance art, we expect actors, movement, immediacy and a behind-the-scenes world that is hidden from us as spectators. We expect an element of the theatrical. A performer will inhabit a stage and when the performance is over, we are only left with memories or a recording  but even this is a mere shadow of the experience. 

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