Year 1/2 Jeannie Baker Collage

Year 1/2 have been working hard to create their Jeannie Baker collage. They are looking fantastic and beginning to show an understanding of an ecosystem and the animals and plants that live in specific environments. img_5583 img_5584 img_5585 img_5586 img_5587 img_5588 img_5589 img_5590

Foundation Dance Unit

The Foundation students have begun a new unit of work this term in PA.

They will be working on the unit of Dance and Music. The music unit will be specifically focusing on singing.

They have been having lots of fun taking part in some dance activities using props such as Scarves.

I love these photos I snapped of some of the perps dancing with the scarves. They are moving so fast the photos are almost blurry.

image image

Year 5/6 Monocromatic Colours Paintings

The year 5/6 students have been working on a unit based on Monocromatic colours. They have had to choose a colour and mix shades and tones using black and white paint.

Their portraits are of influential people that the students think have or are making a difference in our world.

The learnt a technique of transferring an image of one size onto a larger piece of paper using a grid technique and a bit of knowledge from maths lessons.

They are almost done but to get us started here are some pics of the students working on these portraits. image image image image

Line and Organic Shapes with the Year 1/2’s

The year 1/2’s have been working on a piece of art that incorportaes line drawings with organic shapes.

Line is an element of art. It is a mark that has direction, width and length. Line can be straight, curvy, bumpy, zig zag, diagonal, horizontal, vertical and much more. The students experimented with line drawing using black marker on white paper. They explored cross hatching to make a range of shades such as light and dark. The backgrounds turned out striking.

Students then added a range of organic shapes that were pre-cut out of bold patterned paper. Organic shapes are shapes with a natural or organic look. They can be shapes that don’t have a specific name like a blob. They are associated with thinks from the natural world like plants, animals, water puddles etc. The students used these pre-cut organic shapes to create a bird on their background. IMG_1569 IMG_1570 IMG_1571 IMG_1572

Preps love Drama

To finish off the semester in Performing Arts the prep students put on a number of small plays based on the book ‘How The Birds Got Their Colours’. They used coloured scarfs hidden in their tops so show the explosion of colour from the poor little doves foot and tried to use their bodies to show what character they were acting out. It was lots of fun. Everyone joined in and did a great job. Well done preps! image

Year 1/2 Students Drama

The year 1/2 students have finished their Performing Arts program for the year. The last topic they studies was drama. Students wrote a script to accompany the story Koala Lou written by Mem Fox. They did a fantastic job putting the story into word, thinking about what the characters would say to tell the story to an audience. Students help to write the script including stage directions and thinking of the maimage imagein characters to include. It was lots of fun writing the script but more fun watching students perform these small plays. image image image image image


What we have enjoyed in Performing Arts this Semester. By 1/2E

  • Hamish liked doing the dancing on the stage.
  • Lilliana liked playing with the parachute.
  • Suleiman liked acting out Koala Lou.
  • Mariana liked learning to play the recorder.
  • Zehra enjoyed practising our dancing.
  • Benan liked playing the instruments.
  • Audrey liked playing with the parachute.
  • Yafet liked jumping.
  • Tom enjoyed putting on a performance.
  • Albe liked playing with all of the instruments.
  • Matthew liked using the recorders.
  • Liliana liked learning how to make cleaning up fun!
  • Grace liked acting out and playing with the parachute.
  • Alexander liked to play with a range on instruments in groups.
  • Iggy liked acting out the character of Koala Lou.
  • Eva enjoyed dancing with the scarfs.
  • Damian enjoyed playing with the parachute.
  • Lilliana enjoyed making up a dancing using her body.
  • Albe liked making an instrument.
  • Hamish liked writing the music for a performance.
  • Alexander liked to clean the recorders and take them apart and put them back together.
  • Eva enjoyed washing the recorders and drying them.
  • Grace liked washing the recorders.
  • Audrey enjoyed washing the recorders.
  • Hamish liked getting the soapy water from the kitchen.
  • Iggy liked collecting the water from the kitchen.
  • Hamish thinks Beth is nice.
  • Lilliana liked playing the instruments.
  • Alexander thinks Beth is a good performing arts teacher.
  • Hamish thinks Beth is Awesome.
  • Albe thinks Beth is nice.
  • Iggy liked when half the class played the recorders and the other half sang the song.
  • Albe likes Beth.
  • Matthew Likes Beth.
  • Beth thinks we were so super at Performing Arts this Semester.