School Concert 2016

The whole school concert is only weeks away. Thursday the 13th of October is the big day so make sure you have booked your tickets.

Students have been busy practising and making, designing and preparing for the big day.

Here are some photos of students working on props in the art room. Look out for these on the night of the concert.

A big thank you to the Foundation students who decorated with such detail and thought the tiles for the magic carpet and the year 3/4 Students who cut them out and stuck them down to create the magic carpet. It looks lovely and the Foundation students where so proud! img_5229 img_5230 img_5234 img_5235

5/6 Student Costume Design Lesson

In the last week of Term 3 the year 5/6 students had a fun lesson based on costume design. We discussed the role costumes play in a performing arts show/ concert or entertainment piece. Students then had to pick a time from history and discuss and share what they knew about the fashion of the time.

After a quick chat and share with the class students got to work on designing and creating their costumes. The only catch was the material provided. Toilet paper. One roll per costume and no other tools. A fashion show was held at the end of each session to view the costumes and hear from the students about what they had created. These photos say it all……img_5197 img_5198 img_5199 img_5200 img_5201 img_5202 img_5203 img_5204 img_5205img_5210img_5211img_5213img_5215img_5216img_5218img_5219img_5221img_5223img_5224img_5225

What we have enjoyed in Performing Arts this Semester. By 1/2E

  • Hamish liked doing the dancing on the stage.
  • Lilliana liked playing with the parachute.
  • Suleiman liked acting out Koala Lou.
  • Mariana liked learning to play the recorder.
  • Zehra enjoyed practising our dancing.
  • Benan liked playing the instruments.
  • Audrey liked playing with the parachute.
  • Yafet liked jumping.
  • Tom enjoyed putting on a performance.
  • Albe liked playing with all of the instruments.
  • Matthew liked using the recorders.
  • Liliana liked learning how to make cleaning up fun!
  • Grace liked acting out and playing with the parachute.
  • Alexander liked to play with a range on instruments in groups.
  • Iggy liked acting out the character of Koala Lou.
  • Eva enjoyed dancing with the scarfs.
  • Damian enjoyed playing with the parachute.
  • Lilliana enjoyed making up a dancing using her body.
  • Albe liked making an instrument.
  • Hamish liked writing the music for a performance.
  • Alexander liked to clean the recorders and take them apart and put them back together.
  • Eva enjoyed washing the recorders and drying them.
  • Grace liked washing the recorders.
  • Audrey enjoyed washing the recorders.
  • Hamish liked getting the soapy water from the kitchen.
  • Iggy liked collecting the water from the kitchen.
  • Hamish thinks Beth is nice.
  • Lilliana liked playing the instruments.
  • Alexander thinks Beth is a good performing arts teacher.
  • Hamish thinks Beth is Awesome.
  • Albe thinks Beth is nice.
  • Iggy liked when half the class played the recorders and the other half sang the song.
  • Albe likes Beth.
  • Matthew Likes Beth.
  • Beth thinks we were so super at Performing Arts this Semester.

May the odds be ever in your favour! Canvas Trail!

Here are the lucky students with their found Canvases from today’s trail. image image image image image


It was another lucky day for the year 3/4 students finding all five canvases. As I was busy teaching today I was lucky enough to be assisted by some of the past Canvas Trail hunters who hid this weeks canvases for me.

Here is a close up of each canvas and a little bit of information about the artist? imageimage

Rasta is a graffiti artist who works with a range of mediums from paint pens and texts to spray cans to pencils. Thanks Rasta! image image

Another canvas by Rasta! image image

Millie is a six year old artist who wanted to join in the trail and create her own work of art! Thanks Millie. image image

This fantastic canvas was created by artist Amon Brock. Amon is the son of our super star 5/6 teacher Ant! Thanks so much Amon.

image image

This canvas was created by 3/4 student Aaliyah. A fantastic canvas. Well done.


Another great Canvas Trail. Thanks to all who joined the hunt. Better luck next week to everyone who is searching. And may the odds be ever in your favour.  image

1/2 Orchestra Performances

The students in year 1/2 have been performing their orchestral pieces to the class over the last few weeks. I was so surprised with how high the standard of their performances were and how well they listened as an audience to their classmates. Students then had to give critical feedback to each group that performed. We would love to know what you thought of these performances.

Week 1 Performing Arts

I was very surprised with the lovely singing voices I heard from the students in foundation to year 2 this week. The classes sounded beautiful when singing our new welcome song about Performing Arts.

Here are the words if you would like to learn our song. It is sung to the tune of ‘Down at the Station’

The Arts Room

Down at The Arts Room

Every Monday Morning

See all the instruments lined up in a row

See all the children playing lots of music

Ring ding ring ding

Clang they go.


The year 1/2 Students have been working on their own ‘Welcome Songs’ about school and are almost finished so stay tuned to see them singing their songs.


The Foundation (Prep) Students did some beautiful dancing and acting pretending they had very long ears and made up moves to the song ‘If Your Ears Hang Low’. I was very impressed with there participation and enthusiasm. Well Done for your first Performing Arts Lesson!