Year 1/2 Jeannie Baker Collage

Year 1/2 have been working hard to create their Jeannie Baker collage. They are looking fantastic and beginning to show an understanding of an ecosystem and the animals and plants that live in specific environments. img_5583 img_5584 img_5585 img_5586 img_5587 img_5588 img_5589 img_5590

Foundation Dance Unit

The Foundation students have begun a new unit of work this term in PA.

They will be working on the unit of Dance and Music. The music unit will be specifically focusing on singing.

They have been having lots of fun taking part in some dance activities using props such as Scarves.

I love these photos I snapped of some of the perps dancing with the scarves. They are moving so fast the photos are almost blurry.

image image

Year 5/6 Monocromatic Colours Paintings

The year 5/6 students have been working on a unit based on Monocromatic colours. They have had to choose a colour and mix shades and tones using black and white paint.

Their portraits are of influential people that the students think have or are making a difference in our world.

The learnt a technique of transferring an image of one size onto a larger piece of paper using a grid technique and a bit of knowledge from maths lessons.

They are almost done but to get us started here are some pics of the students working on these portraits. image image image image

Scarechooks and Scarepeople!

I have been working on a project for the school Greenteam. After meeting with Leigh the Greenteam Teacher we decided we wanted some small works or art for the veggie patch. We wanted something that would last in the weather and look funky and smart. Our plan was to create a Scarecrow Family. So…… two scarechooks, one Scarelady and a Scareman. This is stage one complete. Now to let the kids decorate them! image

Texture with the Foundation Students!

image image imageFoundation Students have been learning about Texture as an Element of Art. Students created Texture collages and Texture Garlands. They had heaps of fun and showed very good colour and pattern choices as well as great motor skills with the threading. I have loved working on this project with the preps. My favourite thing about this project has to be the junk collecting. Leading up to this project any scraps or items that had a nice or different texture went into a texture tub. It looked like a big mess or texture but to the students it was a box or creations waiting to happen. I love how children see art in junk! More photos to come!

Birds, Birds and More Birds!

The year 1/2 students have been working on a Bird Sculpture project this term. They are looking fantastic. Enjoy looking at the photos as they progress and develop. I can’t wait to display these at the art show!

image image image image image image

Stay tuned….more photos to come!

Foundation Visual Arts Week 1 & 2

The prep students have shown much enthusiasm in the artroom over the past two weeks. They have listed many rules they feel are important and have demonstrated their understanding of these by the way they have been behaving in the art lessons. Well done preps.


The students have been learning about shapes with a special focus on circles. The preps look at a range of artworks by famous artist Sonia Delaunay. Sonia loved circles. She painted them, drew them and cut them up and put them together.

Here are some of her works of art:

image image


The prep students created their own work of art inspired by Sonia Delaunay. They used black paint and cuts or lids to print circles of different sizes on the paper. The works of art looked fantastic!

image image image image image

5/6 Mixed Media

On Friday I was clearing the drying rack in the Artroom and having a closet look at the year 5/6 Mixed Media En Plein Air art works. They all look fantastic! I took a few quick pics of some that looked almost finished and thought I’d share the progress with you! image image image image image

The Brunswick Zines Festival

I just love all the festivals they have in Brunswick and the surrounding suburbs. On the weekend I popped into the Zines festival in Florence Street Brunswick. I have been looking to buy some Zines lately for a project I want to get started at school. So when an add popped up for this festival I knew I had to stop by.

What is a Zine? A Zine is a small original self published booklet, magazine or book containing a range of pictures, text, artworks or a combination of all of these created by an artist that is usually reproduced using a photocopier for distribution.

Some Zines tell a story, some look like comics, but my favourite are the combination ones using mixed media.

Here are some photos of the ones I bought. And some images of what Is inside these Zines.

It is also fun to create Zines yourself. I’m working on one at the moment. Have a go yourself.imageimageimageimageimage