Foundation Primary Colours and Line Unit

The Foundation students have focused on the Art Elements of Colour and Line this term. They have learnt about mixing the primary colours to make the secondary colours and about using lines to make geometric shapes.

Students look at works by famous artist Jean Mondrian. They then drew a design in their visual diaries and coloured this in using crayons to ensure the pattern and design where correct. Students then painted black lines on to white paper to create geometric shapes such as squares and rectangles. These where then filled in using yellow, red and blue paint. They look striking and I think it would be hard to tell one of our students works from an original! screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-3-30-25-pm screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-3-30-42-pm screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-3-30-52-pm screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-3-31-03-pmimg_5095 img_5096 img_5097 img_5098 img_5099 img_5100 img_5101 img_5102

Foundation Dance Unit

The Foundation students have begun a new unit of work this term in PA.

They will be working on the unit of Dance and Music. The music unit will be specifically focusing on singing.

They have been having lots of fun taking part in some dance activities using props such as Scarves.

I love these photos I snapped of some of the perps dancing with the scarves. They are moving so fast the photos are almost blurry.

image image

The Brunswick Zines Festival

I just love all the festivals they have in Brunswick and the surrounding suburbs. On the weekend I popped into the Zines festival in Florence Street Brunswick. I have been looking to buy some Zines lately for a project I want to get started at school. So when an add popped up for this festival I knew I had to stop by.

What is a Zine? A Zine is a small original self published booklet, magazine or book containing a range of pictures, text, artworks or a combination of all of these created by an artist that is usually reproduced using a photocopier for distribution.

Some Zines tell a story, some look like comics, but my favourite are the combination ones using mixed media.

Here are some photos of the ones I bought. And some images of what Is inside these Zines.

It is also fun to create Zines yourself. I’m working on one at the moment. Have a go yourself.imageimageimageimageimage

May the odds be ever in your favour! Canvas Trail!

Here are the lucky students with their found Canvases from today’s trail. image image image image image


It was another lucky day for the year 3/4 students finding all five canvases. As I was busy teaching today I was lucky enough to be assisted by some of the past Canvas Trail hunters who hid this weeks canvases for me.

Here is a close up of each canvas and a little bit of information about the artist? imageimage

Rasta is a graffiti artist who works with a range of mediums from paint pens and texts to spray cans to pencils. Thanks Rasta! image image

Another canvas by Rasta! image image

Millie is a six year old artist who wanted to join in the trail and create her own work of art! Thanks Millie. image image

This fantastic canvas was created by artist Amon Brock. Amon is the son of our super star 5/6 teacher Ant! Thanks so much Amon.

image image

This canvas was created by 3/4 student Aaliyah. A fantastic canvas. Well done.


Another great Canvas Trail. Thanks to all who joined the hunt. Better luck next week to everyone who is searching. And may the odds be ever in your favour.  image