Our Art Teacher

Hello and welcome to The Arts Department. My Name is Beth McInnes and I am the MPPS Art and Performing Arts teacher.

I studied Visual Arts at RMIT and at VUT while completing my Teaching Degree.

I have always believed that each child is an artist and love seeing what they can create. Art is a vital part of a students learning and development. Art helps children to problem solve, express themselves, and explore their creativity.

I create a range of art works in my free time using mix media, textiles, printing and a range of other mediums.

Some of my favourite Artists are Picasso,  Klimt, Keith Haring, Jean-Michael Basquiat, Gaudi and Van Gogh.  Just to name a few.

This blog is a showcase of the students work and our ARTventures at MPPS.

5 thoughts on “Our Art Teacher

  1. Hi Beth! I noticed the posters around the school regarding the “junk” collection – did you want me to email this poster to all the parents? Also, is there a tub at school where parents can drop items in? I think that would be very handy, especially if it was located in the office foyer.

    Cheers, Tracey

    1. Hi Tracey,

      Thanks for the message. A great idea for the tub. I will put one out today. Also it would be great if you could send out an email for the collection. I will try to scan the image for an email either today or tomorrow.


      1. That’s ok Beth – I took a photo of the poster! I can share the image. I’ll do that now. Hopefully you get lots of responses. I’ll also add in the email that there will be a tub in the office foyer shortly. Cheers, Tracey

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