Concert costumes list.

Costume requirements for each students are listed below under classes:

MPPS Concert: Come Fly With Me, Around the World with Disney

Costume Requirements


Prep Melanie: ‘Bare Necessities’

  • White, yellow, or brown short and t-shirt to look like Explorers.
  • Sneakers and long socks.


Prep Nicole: ‘Heigh Ho Heigh Ho’

  • Black leggings.
  • Large long sleeve t-shirt in either orange, green, red or blue.


Prep Leigh: ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’

  • Black or brown tracksuit pants or leggings.
  • Black or brown t-shirt or skivvy.
  • Black shoes.


1/2A Madelyn: ‘Hawaiian Roller Coaster’

  • Boys to wear Hawaiian shirt or patterned shirt and board shorts.
  • Girls to wear bike short or leggings in any colour and a colourful t-shirt.


1/2B Isabel: ‘Lets go Fly a Kite’

  • Students to wear old fashion looking clothes.
  • Girls to wear a frilly dress or a skirt with long socks
  • Boys to wear shorts with long socks a shirt and black shoes.



1/2C Senada: ‘Under the Sea’

  • Students to wear blue long sleeve tops and long blue pants or leggings.
  • Students to wear runners or blue shoes.


1/2D Jenny: ‘Let it Go’

  • Students to wear white leggings and a white long sleeve top.
  • Students to wear white shoes.


1/2E Jess: ‘Be Our Guest’

  • Students playing the part of ‘Tea Cups’ are required to wear all black clothing.
  • Students playing the part of ‘Candlesticks’ are required to wear gold or white clothing.
  • Students playing the part of ‘Clocks’ are required to wear all black or dark clothing.


1/2 F Alice: ‘You Can Fly, You Can Fly’

  • All students to wear pyjamas or a nightgown with slippers or runners.


3/4A Andrea: ‘Aladdin’

  • Students to wear black tracksuit pants or leggings.
  • Boys to wear coloured t-shirts and girls to wear white t-shirts.


3/4B Dave: ‘Colours of the Wind’

  • Students to wear a large white t-shirt (this will need to be brought to school by week 8 of this term so students can decorate it in class)
  • Students to wear brown or black leggings or pants with moccasins, or runners.


3/4C Candice: ‘I’ve Got a Dream’

  • Students to wear black or brown shorts with long socks and black shoes.
  • Students will need a white t-shirt (this will need to be brought to school by week 9 of this term so students can decorate it in class)


5/6A Jude: ‘Ill make a Man Out of You’

  • Students to wear white baggy tops or shirts and black tracksuit pants with black socks and runner.


5/6B Lee: ‘Touch the Sky’

  • Students to wear Kilts or tartan skirts or dresses and white t-shirts with a tartan sash.
  • Students to wear runners.


5/6C Ant: ‘Go the Distance’

  • Students to wear togas or a white dress.
  • Students to wear sandals or brown shoes.

2016 Whole School Production Design a Front Cover Competition

2016 Whole School Production Design a Front Cover Competition

Come Fly With Me

Disney From Around the World


All students at MPPS are invited to submit a piece of art to be published and printed as the front cover for the program for the 2016 Whole School Concert titled: Come Fly With Me


The requirements and instructions are as follows:


Eligibility: Any students who attend school at MPPS in any year level.


Multiple Entries: One entry per student.


Judging and Winners: A panel of judges will review all entries and a finalist from each year level will be selected. Each artist will be rewarded a certificate and the finalist will be awarded a prize. All entries will be posted on the Arts Department blog site. A best of show winner will have their work featured on the 2016 flyer. Entrants must include each item from the judging criteria.


Judging Criteria:

  • Artwork must be 2D and on an A4 page.
  • The artwork must be presented in the portrait format as this is the way it will be printed.
  • Your name (first name and surname) and year level (including teachers name) must be written clearly on the back of the artwork.
  • Artwork should make a link to the concert title in some way. (Interpretation by the individual)
  • You don’t need to include the title of the show on your entry as this will be printed on later.


Copyright laws: Artwork must be student’s own work and not copied from books, internet, television, movies or video games. However you can borrow inspiration from a range of sources.


Types of Art: Students are encouraged to experiment with a range of art forms. Some ideas might include: A painting using watercolour, acrylic paint, food dye, photography, mixed media, textiles, paper art, drawing, printing, computer generated and more. Think the brighter the better. What would stand out on a front cover? Bold colours, strong outlines, clear images.


Submission of Artwork: A box with a label can be found outside of the office for entries to be placed in.


Closing date: Monday 25th of July 2016


If you have any questions or concerns please contact me either via The Arts Department Blog site or via email. Remember I am here to help you!


Happy creating!


Beth McInnes

Visual and Performing Arts Teacher

Term 3 News from the MPPS Arts Department

Term three is always an exciting time in the Arts Department, as we get ready for a swap of art topics. Year F-2 will change from Performing Arts to Visual Arts and Year 3-6 will change from Visual Arts to Performing Arts. The students do get a kick out of starting the term with a new topic, room and art genre.

For all years Foundation to year 2 students taking part in Visual Arts an art smock is required. We will be getting messy so must protect our uniforms. An old shirt or top works well. Something that covers the students uniform but is easy to get on and off.

Come Fly With Me-

Around the World with Disney.

Work is underway to get things ready for our Whole School Production taking place at the beginning of term 4 2016. Auditions have begun for our leading characters, a committee is being formed with a back stage crew and set designers. The year Foundation to year 2’s students have begun to focus on learning dance steps and song lyrics as well as performed choreographed dances they made in small groups to their classes chosen song. These were brilliant!

Over the next few weeks there will be information in the newsletter for parents about costumes for each class and if there are any items that might need to be bought to school early to be transformed into costumes. So stay tuned.

The design a front cover for the program competition flyers have been handed out and I’m sure some children would appreciate some help with reading the instructions and with some ideas and designs.



With the Whole School Production fast approaching I am looking for parent helpers who are good at the following:

  • Basic machine sewing for some costumes (Hat mainly, patterns will be provided)
  • Cutting of fabric or paper into shapes for students to make into costumes
  • Cutting of large pieces of cardboard into costumes.
  • And other smaller jobs.


The arts department is always on the look of for junk that can be turned into art.

A new small wheelie bin will be outside of the office for any junk that is being dropped off for the art department.

Also anything that you think could be used for props or costumes would be great!

Year 3/4 Radical Stitching

The year 3/4 students have finished there first unit of work on textiles. The topic was stitching with radical colours on hessian using a range of sewing stitches such as French knots, stem stitch, long stick and running stitch.

The students took to sewing with enthusiasm and a keen will to learn and give it a go.

I hope they ended up on the wall at home as the final pieces looked fantastic!IMG_3810

Monochromatic Portraits by Year 5/6

img_5372How fantastic do these look. Im actually surprised that you can tell who so many of the characters are in these portraits. Students thought about colour mixing and shading to create these lovely portraits of people who inspire them . They are on display around the school for you to check out.

Foundation Dance Unit

The Foundation students have begun a new unit of work this term in PA.

They will be working on the unit of Dance and Music. The music unit will be specifically focusing on singing.

They have been having lots of fun taking part in some dance activities using props such as Scarves.

I love these photos I snapped of some of the perps dancing with the scarves. They are moving so fast the photos are almost blurry.

image image

Year 5/6 Monocromatic Colours Paintings

The year 5/6 students have been working on a unit based on Monocromatic colours. They have had to choose a colour and mix shades and tones using black and white paint.

Their portraits are of influential people that the students think have or are making a difference in our world.

The learnt a technique of transferring an image of one size onto a larger piece of paper using a grid technique and a bit of knowledge from maths lessons.

They are almost done but to get us started here are some pics of the students working on these portraits. image image image image

Anzac Day 2016

A small group of year 5/6 students worked during two lunchtimes transforming egg cartons into a piece of artwork.

The piece of artwork they help create was a wreath for Anzac Day.

The students cut up the egg cartons into the flowers of all different shapes and sizes.

These flowers where then pained and glued on to a wreath shape made out of a cardboard box that was wrapped in fabric.

It was hard to imagine how this project would turn out when we first started to look at the design and the idea.

I think the students, myself and the other staff at school where surprised at how fantastic this project turned out.

It was lovely to leave this wreath at the Shrine in Queens Park to show our support and that we are thinking of the People who have been to war.

We would love to know what you think of the finished piece. image image image image imageimage image image image image image

Puppets from Around the Globe

Like many forms of art it is hard to date back to when they where invented or who may have been the first person or culture to use them. Puppetry and designing or creating of puppets is one of these art forms.

While the general definition of a puppet is that of an object manipulated by someone. Today puppets are widely considered to a type of  entertainments for children where as in the past we are  discovering that puppets have always held a place in entertainment for all ages.In different cultures puppets have been used to teach lessons, entertain and used to celebrate special occasions.

In art this term we will be focusing on constructing a puppet from a specific country that will work inline with our song for the school concert.


5/6A- Chinese Dragons

5/6B-Lochness Monster

5/6C- Roman Soldiers

Students job:

Have a look online or in some books at the library to see what you can find out about puppets from your chosen country. List three facts you would like to share with your class and write bring these to art next week.

Please ask me if you need any assistance. Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.46.00 pm Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.46.18 pmScreen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.07.52 pm

Year 3/4 Term 2- Pattern

Pattern is one of the Principle of Art.

Principles are a way artist can organise the elements of art.

Here is a list of the art elements and principles:


















This term we will be focusing on the principle of pattern. In class this week we have discussed the art elements that we can use to make patterns. Have a think about these.

We made up a definition of a pattern: A pattern is something that is repeated.

Have a look at these paintings and see if you can spot any patterns. Comment on which one you like the best and why.

image image image image image