You Found It!

It was a mad dash yesterday at lunch time as students from all years levels check the school yard for the FIRST art canvas from ‘The Canvas Trail’. It was a hid and seek frenzy.

The lucky winner was year 6 student Mali.

imageThe art work was created by an artist who calls herself ‘Angel Series’. Angel Series only ever draws, paints or sprays Angels. This piece was titled ‘Angels Body’.

Mali now has the privilege to be the first student to create her own mini masterpiece for the trail. I’m expecting her creation early next week. It will then be wrapped and mixed into the canvas collection for distribution.

Next Tuesday there will be more than one canvas hidden in the school yard so get ready to search for the prize!


The Moonee Valley Festival Flag Project

flags q

MPPS were lucky enough to join other schools in the Moonee Valley area to take part in a flag making project. These flags were on display at the Moonee Valley Festival on Sunday the 22nd of February.

The Prep students worked with a small group of year 5/6 students to print their hands onto fabric. We then used glitter paint to write the school values on to the flags. The flag fabric was then sent to the council to be turned into flags for the festival. If you went to the festival on Sunday I hope you kept your eyes out for our schools flags.