2016 Concert- Come Fly With Me Around The World With Disney

Our Whole School concert took place a few weeks ago at the Clocktower Centre in Moonee Ponds.

The students did a fantastic job and the show was a hit. Here are some pics from the night! I wish I had more but it was so busy backstage with all the costumes, props, noise and nerves.

img_5348 img_5349 img_5350 img_5351 img_5352

Book Week 2016

This year for Book Week each teacher was asked to choose a book they wanted to read to their class and to complete an art activity to accompany the book. I chose the Winning book ‘Mr Huff’ by Anna Walker.

I loved reading this book over and over and talking to the students about the meanings behind the story and the pictures. Such a powerful message and suitable for all ages. I think every family should have a copy of this book at home.

The art activity was a huge success. The students all love loved making their own special Mr Huff to share secrets and worries with. Their own special worry doll. We all need one of these! screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-4-17-01-pm screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-4-16-53-pm screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-4-16-45-pm


Another art activity that turned out striking was the year 5/6 scrapper board based on the book ‘One Step At a Time’. These works of art are on display in the library. img_5558 img_5559 img_5560

School Concert 2016

The whole school concert is only weeks away. Thursday the 13th of October is the big day so make sure you have booked your tickets.

Students have been busy practising and making, designing and preparing for the big day.

Here are some photos of students working on props in the art room. Look out for these on the night of the concert.

A big thank you to the Foundation students who decorated with such detail and thought the tiles for the magic carpet and the year 3/4 Students who cut them out and stuck them down to create the magic carpet. It looks lovely and the Foundation students where so proud! img_5229 img_5230 img_5234 img_5235

Green Team Scare Chooks and Scare People

image image imageDuring the last week of term 1 the Green Team Students did a lunchtime paint session in the artoom to paint and decorate the veggie garden scare chooks and scare people. They look so cute. The students went crazy mixing paint, dabbing, blotting and splashing paint on to their wood cutouts. They look  super in veggie garden. Lets home they are scary enough to keep out the birds and the chooks.


image image image image


Easter Masks

As we approach the holidays I have been busy planning some fun activities for the F-2 students. The foundation students will be making some fun Easter masks that they will use for a fun Easter drama activity.

I would like to thank the two fantastic parents who cut out the 100 masks for us. What would I do with out help from these lovely families. Thanks again. image image image image image image

Collaborative Art Works

This week is Collaborative Art Work Week. Each class is taking part in creative a large group art work on a canvas for our school fate.

image image image image

The school fate will be held in March. Each class is asked to produce a canvas to be sold at a silent auction. Today the years 1/2 students took a mid term break from Performing Arts to complete their class art work. Some of the year 5/6 students also completed their canvas today.

The years 1-6 students will be focusing on printing. Years 1/2 students also completed their back ground with some ink blowing to create a patterned, textured and bright background.

Hope you enjoy the photos and seeing the canvases at the fate.


Scarechooks and Scarepeople!

I have been working on a project for the school Greenteam. After meeting with Leigh the Greenteam Teacher we decided we wanted some small works or art for the veggie patch. We wanted something that would last in the weather and look funky and smart. Our plan was to create a Scarecrow Family. So…… two scarechooks, one Scarelady and a Scareman. This is stage one complete. Now to let the kids decorate them! image

Book Week 2015- Multiage Art Activity!

The shortlisted books for 2015 are just beautiful. I was so excited to be able to design an art activity for each of the picture story books. What a great way to celebrate literacy and art all at once. I was even more excited when I saw all of the art created by the students. A big thanks to all the teachers who jumped right in and gave the activities a go and organised these sessions. image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Book Week 2015

Tomorrow is the first day of Book Week 2015!

I love book week and enjoy all the activities that are organised. This year I have been busy organising 13 art activities. One for each book that is short listed in the picture story category. I can’t wait to see these activities in action on Tuesday.

Friday is book character dress up. I have been working on my costume today. So stay tuned for dress up day pics! image image image image

The Canvas Trail

Week two of the very popular Canvas Trail was off and running yesterday. There was five canvases up for grabs hidden in some very difficult places around the school yard.

It was a very lucky week for the year 3/4 students finding all five of the canvas.

image image imageRyan was one of the lucky students finding this piece by Gloria Moore. A talented Watercolour Artist. This piece is acrylic paint on canvas of a basket of flowers. Thanks to Gloria Moore for her contribution.

image imageGrace was our second lucky students who found this Mixed Media piece by Beth McInnes (our art teacher, me) it is titled Butterfly and made out of vintage dress pattern pieces and other vintage images.

image imageWell done on your Canvas hunting Aaliyah. Aaliyah found this lovely Watercolour piece by Gloria Moore. A collection of feathers.


image image Oliver found this Canvas hidden in the trickiest spot on the oval. His new art piece is called ‘Postage Stamps’ and was created by Janette McInnes using fabric. Janette is a textile artist and quilter. Thanks for jointing in the trail Janette.

The last Canvas was found by the lucky image image imageThis art piece is the head to match the piece Mali found last week. I am told my the artist if these two Canvas are put together they will create an angel. I will have to get both girls to bring their Canvas in so I can put them together and take a photo!

Congratulation to all the students who found a canvas. Good luck to all the students for next week! Happy Hunting!