Year 1/2 Jeannie Baker Collage

Year 1/2 have been working hard to create their Jeannie Baker collage. They are looking fantastic and beginning to show an understanding of an ecosystem and the animals and plants that live in specific environments. img_5583 img_5584 img_5585 img_5586 img_5587 img_5588 img_5589 img_5590

Jeannie Baker Art Inspiration

Jeannie baker is a famous Australian author and illustrator. She has written many books about family and the environment. The year foundation to year 2 students have been reading some of her stories in the artroom and using her illustrations as inspiration for their own works of art.

The year foundation students are learning about family. Jeannie baker books ‘Grandfather and Grandmother’ tell the story of Jeannie’s family and her memories of times spend with these two special people in her life.

The year 1/2 students are focusing on the environment so have been reading a range of her books such as ‘The story of Rosie Dock’, ‘Where the Forest meets the Sea’ and ‘Window.

Jeannie Baker using collage to illustrate her books and collects items from nature to make these pictures. Have a look on her website and at the short videos she has up. They are fascinating. Students are focusing on texture and creating collages to show either a family portrait or an environmental scene. Stay tuned.

A collection of items to be used in texture collages.
A collection of items to be used in texture collages.

img_5340 img_5341 img_5342 img_5343 img_5344 img_5345


Jeannie baker link below:


Birds, Birds and More Birds!

The year 1/2 students have been working on a Bird Sculpture project this term. They are looking fantastic. Enjoy looking at the photos as they progress and develop. I can’t wait to display these at the art show!

image image image image image image

Stay tuned….more photos to come!

Line and Organic Shapes with the Year 1/2’s

The year 1/2’s have been working on a piece of art that incorportaes line drawings with organic shapes.

Line is an element of art. It is a mark that has direction, width and length. Line can be straight, curvy, bumpy, zig zag, diagonal, horizontal, vertical and much more. The students experimented with line drawing using black marker on white paper. They explored cross hatching to make a range of shades such as light and dark. The backgrounds turned out striking.

Students then added a range of organic shapes that were pre-cut out of bold patterned paper. Organic shapes are shapes with a natural or organic look. They can be shapes that don’t have a specific name like a blob. They are associated with thinks from the natural world like plants, animals, water puddles etc. The students used these pre-cut organic shapes to create a bird on their background. IMG_1569 IMG_1570 IMG_1571 IMG_1572

Year 1/2 Warm and Cool Colour Protraits


The year 1/2 students have been focusing their learning on the art element of colour with specific focus on warm and cool colours. Students had to draw a self portrait using the technique of arts attic drawing.  This technique was inspired by the artist Joan Miro who would practise this technique to help him to push the boundaries in his artworks. The rules of automatic drawing are that once your pencil has begun to make a line drawing on the surface it must not be removed until you are finished. The students had a go at this technique  when drawing a self portrait. They then had to fill in the spaces using either warm or cool colours.

Students had had to then create a background using the opposit colours to what they used to paint their portrait. A warm portrait had to sit on a cool background and vice verse. The backgrounds had to be painted using a sponge to create a different effect. These works of art look fantastic. You can see them on the walls around the school. imageimage


Visual Arts with the year 1/2’s

imageThe year 1/2’s have been learning about Artist and some of the games they played to keep help inspire them and to push the art boundaries. The students looked at some art works by famous artist Joan Miro. Miro’s artwork was often classified as childlike. He used many bright colours but a lot of his art is based on the primary colours.


The games we played to get our artistic juices flowing is called ‘Automatic Drawing’. Students had to draw a warm up piece followed by a self portrait with a black marker. The instructions state that once the artist has started drawing they can’t take the marker off the paper until the drawing in complete. The drawings looked fantastic. Take a look: