Foundation Photomontage Portraits

The foundation students have been working on creating a photomontage inspired by artist Hannah Hoch.

The students cut apart a photograph of their own face and added in other people facial features creating a new face. They turned out very funny. Not many looked like the students anymore. Have a look at these fabulous photos.

img_5591 img_5592 img_5593

img_5577 img_5578 img_5579 img_5580

Jeannie Baker Art Inspiration

Jeannie baker is a famous Australian author and illustrator. She has written many books about family and the environment. The year foundation to year 2 students have been reading some of her stories in the artroom and using her illustrations as inspiration for their own works of art.

The year foundation students are learning about family. Jeannie baker books ‘Grandfather and Grandmother’ tell the story of Jeannie’s family and her memories of times spend with these two special people in her life.

The year 1/2 students are focusing on the environment so have been reading a range of her books such as ‘The story of Rosie Dock’, ‘Where the Forest meets the Sea’ and ‘Window.

Jeannie Baker using collage to illustrate her books and collects items from nature to make these pictures. Have a look on her website and at the short videos she has up. They are fascinating. Students are focusing on texture and creating collages to show either a family portrait or an environmental scene. Stay tuned.

A collection of items to be used in texture collages.
A collection of items to be used in texture collages.

img_5340 img_5341 img_5342 img_5343 img_5344 img_5345


Jeannie baker link below:


School Concert 2016

The whole school concert is only weeks away. Thursday the 13th of October is the big day so make sure you have booked your tickets.

Students have been busy practising and making, designing and preparing for the big day.

Here are some photos of students working on props in the art room. Look out for these on the night of the concert.

A big thank you to the Foundation students who decorated with such detail and thought the tiles for the magic carpet and the year 3/4 Students who cut them out and stuck them down to create the magic carpet. It looks lovely and the Foundation students where so proud! img_5229 img_5230 img_5234 img_5235

Self Portraits with the Foundation Students!

Over the past two weeks the foundation students have had a go at drawing a realistic self portrait. They looked in mirrors to see what shape their face was, they looked at the shape of their eyes, nose and mouth. Then we felt out features with our fingers and measured our face with our fingers.


The the students painted them in crazy fluresent colours. They look pretty cool! image image image image image image image

Texture with the Foundation Students!

image image imageFoundation Students have been learning about Texture as an Element of Art. Students created Texture collages and Texture Garlands. They had heaps of fun and showed very good colour and pattern choices as well as great motor skills with the threading. I have loved working on this project with the preps. My favourite thing about this project has to be the junk collecting. Leading up to this project any scraps or items that had a nice or different texture went into a texture tub. It looked like a big mess or texture but to the students it was a box or creations waiting to happen. I love how children see art in junk! More photos to come!

Foundation Geometric Shape Animals in Primary Colours

in Foundation the students have been focusing on the art element of colour with a specific focus on the primary colours. This week be brought in a new element. The element of shape. Students read the book Mouse Shape and then created their own animal using shapes they cut out of the primary colours. They looked fantastic. I will add more photos along the way. image

Foundation Visual Arts Week 1 & 2

The prep students have shown much enthusiasm in the artroom over the past two weeks. They have listed many rules they feel are important and have demonstrated their understanding of these by the way they have been behaving in the art lessons. Well done preps.


The students have been learning about shapes with a special focus on circles. The preps look at a range of artworks by famous artist Sonia Delaunay. Sonia loved circles. She painted them, drew them and cut them up and put them together.

Here are some of her works of art:

image image


The prep students created their own work of art inspired by Sonia Delaunay. They used black paint and cuts or lids to print circles of different sizes on the paper. The works of art looked fantastic!

image image image image image