Foundation Visual Arts Week 1 & 2

The prep students have shown much enthusiasm in the artroom over the past two weeks. They have listed many rules they feel are important and have demonstrated their understanding of these by the way they have been behaving in the art lessons. Well done preps.


The students have been learning about shapes with a special focus on circles. The preps look at a range of artworks by famous artist Sonia Delaunay. Sonia loved circles. She painted them, drew them and cut them up and put them together.

Here are some of her works of art:

image image


The prep students created their own work of art inspired by Sonia Delaunay. They used black paint and cuts or lids to print circles of different sizes on the paper. The works of art looked fantastic!

image image image image image

5/6 Monoprinting Unit

The year 5/6 students have completed their unit of work on monoprinting. A monoprint is a one time print. We used acrylic paint on glass and explored a new tool Gelli Pads. Students then chose their favourite print and framed them using some lovely picture frame folders donated by Deb Joyce. Thanks Deb. image image image image image image image image image image

Printmaking with the 5/6 students

The students in 5/6 have begun to work on a small project that will only last for a few weeks. They have begun Monoprinting. We bought 3 Gelli pads to experiment with and they are fantastic! The students all want a turn and have had great success with the printing on these. Students are learning about ‘health and the human body’ so are required to do a monoprint inspired by a part of the body. Here is a sneak at some of them so far as well as the work in progress. imageimage imageimage