Year 1/2 Warm and Cool Colour Protraits


The year 1/2 students have been focusing their learning on the art element of colour with specific focus on warm and cool colours. Students had to draw a self portrait using the technique of arts attic drawing.  This technique was inspired by the artist Joan Miro who would practise this technique to help him to push the boundaries in his artworks. The rules of automatic drawing are that once your pencil has begun to make a line drawing on the surface it must not be removed until you are finished. The students had a go at this technique  when drawing a self portrait. They then had to fill in the spaces using either warm or cool colours.

Students had had to then create a background using the opposit colours to what they used to paint their portrait. A warm portrait had to sit on a cool background and vice verse. The backgrounds had to be painted using a sponge to create a different effect. These works of art look fantastic. You can see them on the walls around the school. imageimage