1/2 Recorder

The year 1/2’s have shown they all are very musically talented as well as have a great understanding of music theory over the past few weeks. They have been learning to play the recorder in. Performing Arts.

We start each lesson with a music theory program. We have learnt about notes, what a stave is, what a tribal clef is and

image how we can remember notes when they are on the stave. We remember the names of notes by saying a poem that tells us the name of the musical lines the poem is “Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit”. We remember the gapes between the lines using the word “Face”.

We then move on to cleaning our recorders and playing some songs from our new recorder books.

The 1/2s love playing the recorder and have shown they are very talented a swell as work together to listen and keep rhythm and time. Well done! imageimage

Prep Xylophone Lessons

The prep students have been learning to play the Xylophones in Performing Arts over the past few weeks. They learnt to keep the beat and listen to each other play to keep in time.


They have also been learning to play Hot Cross Buns. Just in time for Easter. image image image image

I was very surprised at how fast they learnt the notes and the song. I can’t wait to upload a video of them playing as a class. Well done preps.

1/2 Orchestra Performances

The students in year 1/2 have been performing their orchestral pieces to the class over the last few weeks. I was so surprised with how high the standard of their performances were and how well they listened as an audience to their classmates. Students then had to give critical feedback to each group that performed. We would love to know what you thought of these performances.

Prep Students get the Beat!

In prep this week we have been learning about keeping and following the beat.

We listened to our own hearts beat and then listened to one on a recording. Using clapping sticks we followed the beat of the heart.

We then had a go at conducting the class to keep and follow the beat using a metronome.

A metronome helps us to keep the beat and all stay together.

We also played a warm up game called ‘Jack Frost’ where the students must act out a animal or a thing and then freeze as a statue when the teacher blows the Kazoo. It is lots of fun.

image image

1/2’s get ready for a Musical Concert!

We have been focusing on working in small groups to create a mini orchestra. Students have been learning about Conductors and how they lead a group of musicians.

In their groups students had to choose a conductor to lead their mini orchestra. They also had to pick a range of instruments that they would use in their group.

Students used coloured beads to represent each instrument and had to lace these on a string to make a musical tune.

In the coming weeks each orchestra will perform their music tune to their class.

image image

Year 1/2 are great Conductors!

The year 3/4 students are focusing on Music this term. We have been exploring how we can made music with our bodies and now moving on to incorporating musical instruments into the lessons.

This week we talked about instrument that we may see in a band or an orchestra. We then discussed how an orchestra works and what the job of the conductor is. Students then worked in small groups to play music with their bodies and took turns at conducting their ‘Body Music Orchestra’.

image image image image

1/2 Welcome Songs.

In year 1/2 we have been writing some welcome songs to get the year started and to enjoy some singing. Here are the songs and the tune they are to be sung to. Each class chose there own tune and all assisted to write the words. We counted the syllables to make sure we stuck to the tune. Each class worked well as a team and were very encouraging towards each others ideas.

1/2 A To the tune of ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’

We love to go to scho-ol

Go to school

Go to school

We love to go to scho-ol all day long

Everyday we love to learn

Love to learn

Love to learn

Everyday we love to learn all day long.


1/2 B To the tune of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’

Good day  Good day 1/2 B

We are the greatest class ever!

School is the best everyday

Learning new things is so fun.


1/2 C To the tune of ‘Humpty Dumpty’

Good morning, dear class, how are you?

We like P.E, We like to read, We like to write

School is fun, we like to play everyday

for the rest of the day we play we play.


1/2 D The the tune of ‘Incy Wincy Spider’

Hello hello for us

we are from 1/2D

Our teachers name is Maryrose, she is so very nice

we are all really smart, we love to dance and sing

Good by good by from us

we are from 1/2 D


1/2 E To the tune of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’

1/2E says hello, hello, hello

1/2E says hello, all day long

The children in the class say play, play, play

Play, play, play, play, play, play

The children in the class say play, play, play all day long.

The teacher in the class say learn, learn, learn

learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn

The teacher in the class say learn, learn, learn all day long

The friends in the class go chat, chat, chat

chat, chat, chat, chat, chat, chat

The friends in the class go chat, chat, chat all day long.


Well done year 1/2!