Easter Masks

As we approach the holidays I have been busy planning some fun activities for the F-2 students. The foundation students will be making some fun Easter masks that they will use for a fun Easter drama activity.

I would like to thank the two fantastic parents who cut out the 100 masks for us. What would I do with out help from these lovely families. Thanks again. image image image image image image

The Brunswick Zines Festival

I just love all the festivals they have in Brunswick and the surrounding suburbs. On the weekend I popped into the Zines festival in Florence Street Brunswick. I have been looking to buy some Zines lately for a project I want to get started at school. So when an add popped up for this festival I knew I had to stop by.

What is a Zine? A Zine is a small original self published booklet, magazine or book containing a range of pictures, text, artworks or a combination of all of these created by an artist that is usually reproduced using a photocopier for distribution.

Some Zines tell a story, some look like comics, but my favourite are the combination ones using mixed media.

Here are some photos of the ones I bought. And some images of what Is inside these Zines.

It is also fun to create Zines yourself. I’m working on one at the moment. Have a go yourself.imageimageimageimageimage

School holiday at the NGV

As the end of term 1 is rapidly approaching it is time to start thinking about how you will spend the school holidays. I will be visiting the NGV for the 2015 StART Up Top Arts Exhibition. This exhibition showcases some of Victorias outstanding student works in the Arts fields. If your a lover of The Arts I recommend popping down and checking this exhibition out. I might see you there.