Visual Arts with the year 1/2’s

imageThe year 1/2’s have been learning about Artist and some of the games they played to keep help inspire them and to push the art boundaries. The students looked at some art works by famous artist Joan Miro. Miro’s artwork was often classified as childlike. He used many bright colours but a lot of his art is based on the primary colours.


The games we played to get our artistic juices flowing is called ‘Automatic Drawing’. Students had to draw a warm up piece followed by a self portrait with a black marker. The instructions state that once the artist has started drawing they can’t take the marker off the paper until the drawing in complete. The drawings looked fantastic. Take a look:


Zentangles with year 3/4

The year 3/4 Students are learning about Rules and Responsibilities this term. In the Art room we have tried to incorporate this theme into our art activities.

In year 3/4 we have begun the year looking at line drawings using felt tip markers. The style of art is called a ‘Zentangle’. This form of art was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. In order to create a Zentangle there are a number of rules that you must follow:

1. The area you must draw in is to be an 8.9cm square tile.

2. The tile has no top or bottom.

3. Must be abstract.

4. Must be portable.

5. Must be unplanned and have no end in sight.

6. Not a doodle as it takes utmost focus and concentration.

The students in year 3/4 showed utmost concentration and focus during their creative time. The finished products are fantastic.


Year 3/4 Still Life Collage & Paint

image image imageThe year 3/4 students have been using the mediums of collage and paint to finish off their Still Life Rule of Thirds Drawings. I can’t wait to see them finished. They look fantastic so far and the collage tiling is very effective on the painted background.

As the year 3/4 students have been learning about rules in the classroom, we have also been focusing on rules in art. We looked at The Rule of Thirds and how artists use composition to create works of art. We spoke about using scale, balance and proportion (focusing on the art principles and elements) and looked at a range of still life works of art. Our focus artists was Vincent Van Gogh and his sunflower paintings. We spoke about how some of the flowers are on different angles and some cut off the page.


Students then had a go at drawing their own Still Life using a template of The Rule of Thirds. This helped them to think about size, scale and composition.

They are still working of their final pieces.

Plein air drawing with year 5/6

Plein air is a French word meaning ‘in the open air’ it is also a common art term meaning painting or drawing in the outdoors.

In art the year 5/6 students are beginning their art journey focusing on the Australian Impressionists. This time in art focuses on the years between 1883 and 1895 when artists such as Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Frederick McCubbin and Jane Sutherland were encouraged to explore the outdoors and to practice their paint inning skills en plein air.

Year 5/6 students begun last weeks class sketch in the outdoors choosing trees and shrubs from the school grounds and drawing with graphite. Our class focus was capturing a section of the tree as realisticely as possible.

This week we followed on from this turning our sketch into a colours chalk pastel drawing on a range of different textured paper. Valves. Paper, pastel paper and paper board. The different textures added to the individuality of the students works. Here are a few photo of works in progress. They are already looking fantastic.

image image image image

Zentangles with year 3/4

The year 3/4 students have been learning about rules in art. We have been looking at and experimenting with a rather new form of art called Zentangles. The Zentangle method and art form was created by two artists Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.

To create a correct Zentangle there are a number of rules that you must follow. These rules are:

-It must be unplanned and the end result should be a surprise.

-The art piece should have no top or bottom, it should be viewed from all sides.

-Must be abstract.

-Must be drawn in a square tile of 8.9cm.

-Must use black ink on white paper.

-Must be portable.

-Must be focused when completing one.

All students showed great focus and skill when using the fine liners. Students showed great maturity and followed each rule when completing their Zentangle. Here are a few sneak peaks.



Week 1 in the Art Room

It has been lovely seeing some familiar faces and meeting our new students in years 3-6 over the past week.

In the art room we have been discussing rules and expectations as well as talking about artists we love and famous art works we know.

Working individually students wrote up their understanding to the very hard questions of ‘What is Art?’. The answers were outstanding.

“Art is something that can be expressed in emotions and feelings” Anastacia 5/6B

“An expressive piece produces by the mind, shown in different forms. Eg painting, pencil, abstract, colour, oil, music, statues” Marley 5/6B

“Art is a way of describing your emotions into a picture. It was showcase everything you feel at once” Zoe 5/6B

Students also took part in a quick Self Portrait drawing task inspired by some of Picasso’s famous works. The rule the students had to follow was ‘Once the pencil has touched the paper it can’t be taken off’. The portraits look fantastic. Well done.

picasso10 IMG_2833