Anzac Day 2016

A small group of year 5/6 students worked during two lunchtimes transforming egg cartons into a piece of artwork.

The piece of artwork they help create was a wreath for Anzac Day.

The students cut up the egg cartons into the flowers of all different shapes and sizes.

These flowers where then pained and glued on to a wreath shape made out of a cardboard box that was wrapped in fabric.

It was hard to imagine how this project would turn out when we first started to look at the design and the idea.

I think the students, myself and the other staff at school where surprised at how fantastic this project turned out.

It was lovely to leave this wreath at the Shrine in Queens Park to show our support and that we are thinking of the People who have been to war.

We would love to know what you think of the finished piece. image image image image imageimage image image image image image

Holiday Fun!

Wondering what to do Art wise over the Summer Holidays?


Well here are a few suggestions that I know the children and parents will love.

A trip to the Gallery

We are so lucky to live in Melbourne. We get to see so many great shows especially at our two fantastic Art Galleries. At the moment the exhibition that I am itching to get to is the Andy Warhol and the Ai Weiwei exhibit.


Here you can see a special pic of our very own MPPS artists Tessa and Luka Anderson with mum Kerrie and artist Ai Weiwei who they met at his exhibition at the gallery. How lucky where they! Thanks for letting me share this priceless photo. Also here is a link to the information about this exhibition:

Andy Warhol — Ai Weiwei

Art Activities at Home:

Keeping a Visual Holiday Journal!

A visual diary is a diary that contains all of your ideas, thoughts, inspirations, explorations, likes, dislikes and artworks. A visual diary can be created for many reasons and purposes. (We will all be learning more about this during the year in art).

All you need to get started is a book. I like to use a book with blank pages. You may even like to make a book out of scrap paper.

Next is the fun part…………

Start to collect ideas, thoughts, photo and create some artworks based on what you have been doing over the holidays. If you went to the beach and collected shells, you might like to draw a shell using  coloured pencils. This can be drawn into the book or cut out and glued in an interesting way. I like to include some words. A poem that I like or that I have written, a short story or even just some works that relate to your day out.

Other things you can include:

Natural items, tickets, photos, collages, thoughts, stickers, rough drafts or practice copies, washi tape pictures, anything at all that relates to your holiday.

Performing arts ideas to include in your diary might be: a song you have written about your holiday, a play or a script for a concert/performance about your holiday, steps to a dance or photos of you dressed up dancing or acting, instructions on how to make a theatre or a finger puppet design.

The ideas are endless……………….

I would love to see what you have come up with when you get back to school or you can post some pics on the blog.

I’ll be posting some more holiday activities in the coming week. So stay tuned.


Our Artwork on Display

It was exciting to be asked by the DET (The Department of Education) to have some of our students artwork to display in their South Western Victorian Region Offices.


We jumped at the chances and sent some of the year 5/6 Students En Plein Air pastel drawings.

They looked fantastic mounted on card. The students who chose to send their artwork were very proud indeed and excited to know their work will be on display in the DET Office.

image image

image image image


My Day at the NGV Ian Potter Centre

I was so excited to spend a day at the NGV on my holidays. I went to the Gallery especially to see the 2015 StArt Up, Top Arts exhibition. It was fantastic. I always enjoy seeing what students are creating in their art rooms and what is inspiring the youth of today. image image image

I also loved seeing the Bat Instillation in the foyer. image image image

Another exhibition I was hoping to see was the Poppies. I was a bit late for this one but did happen to catch a section of the display as they were packing up. It was so striking! image image

The Brunswick Zines Festival

I just love all the festivals they have in Brunswick and the surrounding suburbs. On the weekend I popped into the Zines festival in Florence Street Brunswick. I have been looking to buy some Zines lately for a project I want to get started at school. So when an add popped up for this festival I knew I had to stop by.

What is a Zine? A Zine is a small original self published booklet, magazine or book containing a range of pictures, text, artworks or a combination of all of these created by an artist that is usually reproduced using a photocopier for distribution.

Some Zines tell a story, some look like comics, but my favourite are the combination ones using mixed media.

Here are some photos of the ones I bought. And some images of what Is inside these Zines.

It is also fun to create Zines yourself. I’m working on one at the moment. Have a go yourself.imageimageimageimageimage

The Moonee Valley Festival Flag Project

flags q

MPPS were lucky enough to join other schools in the Moonee Valley area to take part in a flag making project. These flags were on display at the Moonee Valley Festival on Sunday the 22nd of February.

The Prep students worked with a small group of year 5/6 students to print their hands onto fabric. We then used glitter paint to write the school values on to the flags. The flag fabric was then sent to the council to be turned into flags for the festival. If you went to the festival on Sunday I hope you kept your eyes out for our schools flags.