Year 1/2 Students Drama

The year 1/2 students have finished their Performing Arts program for the year. The last topic they studies was drama. Students wrote a script to accompany the story Koala Lou written by Mem Fox. They did a fantastic job putting the story into word, thinking about what the characters would say to tell the story to an audience. Students help to write the script including stage directions and thinking of the maimage imagein characters to include. It was lots of fun writing the script but more fun watching students perform these small plays. image image image image image


What we have enjoyed in Performing Arts this Semester. By 1/2E

  • Hamish liked doing the dancing on the stage.
  • Lilliana liked playing with the parachute.
  • Suleiman liked acting out Koala Lou.
  • Mariana liked learning to play the recorder.
  • Zehra enjoyed practising our dancing.
  • Benan liked playing the instruments.
  • Audrey liked playing with the parachute.
  • Yafet liked jumping.
  • Tom enjoyed putting on a performance.
  • Albe liked playing with all of the instruments.
  • Matthew liked using the recorders.
  • Liliana liked learning how to make cleaning up fun!
  • Grace liked acting out and playing with the parachute.
  • Alexander liked to play with a range on instruments in groups.
  • Iggy liked acting out the character of Koala Lou.
  • Eva enjoyed dancing with the scarfs.
  • Damian enjoyed playing with the parachute.
  • Lilliana enjoyed making up a dancing using her body.
  • Albe liked making an instrument.
  • Hamish liked writing the music for a performance.
  • Alexander liked to clean the recorders and take them apart and put them back together.
  • Eva enjoyed washing the recorders and drying them.
  • Grace liked washing the recorders.
  • Audrey enjoyed washing the recorders.
  • Hamish liked getting the soapy water from the kitchen.
  • Iggy liked collecting the water from the kitchen.
  • Hamish thinks Beth is nice.
  • Lilliana liked playing the instruments.
  • Alexander thinks Beth is a good performing arts teacher.
  • Hamish thinks Beth is Awesome.
  • Albe thinks Beth is nice.
  • Iggy liked when half the class played the recorders and the other half sang the song.
  • Albe likes Beth.
  • Matthew Likes Beth.
  • Beth thinks we were so super at Performing Arts this Semester.

What we have learnt in Performing Arts this semester. By 1/2 D

  • We learnt to play the recorder.
  • We learnt to play a range of notes on the recorder and some songs.
  • We learnt how to do a range of different dances.
  • We learnt the elements of dance.
  • we wrote and performed a musical tune.
  • Made up a dance in groups and performed it in front of the class.
  • we learnt about Drama.
  • We watched a video of Hip Hop and tried to dance along with it.
  • We learnt the elements of drama.
  • We learnt to play a scale on the recorder.
  • Liv liked playing the music.
  • Erika enjoyed performing in front of the class.
  • Brooklyn liked learning the elements of dance.
  • Luka enjoyed writing the script for Koala Lou.
  • Alessandra enjoyed writing the music and performing in front of the class.
  • Jennifer enjoyed learning to play the recorder.
  • Zayn enjoyed writing the script for Koala Lou.
  • Finn enjoyed playing lots of different songs on the recorder.
  • Sophie enjoyed learning the elements of dance.
  • Liv enjoyed learning the elements of dance.



1/2 A Zoya’s Class: What we know about Dance

What we know and like about Dance:

I know that dance uses energy. Spencer

Ballet is a type of dancing. Isla

You can dance slow when the music is slow. Sanja

You can dance fast to fast music. Sienna

You can do break dancing. Zack

You can use any part of your body. Max

You can express your feelings. Adelaide

You need to use all of your space. Jeyda

You can move one part of your body at a time. Anna

When you dance you can dance fast, slow or medium in time with the music. Aleyna

You can dance to the beat of the music. James


1/2 C Dance Unit

image image image

What we know about dance:

You need to have energy to dance. Callum

You need to have space to dance. Anika

You need to keep in time with the music. Oliver

If it was slow music you would dance slow, if it was a happy song you wouldn’t dance like you are sad. Mia

You need music to dance. Annie

Some dances you need to have a partner. Will

put energy into your dances. Edison

You need to use the space you have. Neve

You shouldn’t be talking when your dancing on stage. Charlie

Shouldn’t be silly when your dancing. Lilly

If it is happy music you should dance like your happy and if your sad you should dance like you are sad. Olivia



The Elements of Dance and how we used them when doing hip hop!:

Movement: We did circles and squares with our body. Olivia

We move our whole body when doing Hip Hop. Anika

We have to stretch before we do Hip Hop! Annie

Space: Need lots of space when doing Hip Hop. Will

Need heaps of space so you don’t bump into people when doing Hip Hop. Imogen

Need lots of space to move around. Lilly

Need to stay in your own space. Nikita

Energy If you have energy you will be able to do lots of dancing. Mia

Use lots of energy so your dance looks nice. Callum

Use lots of energy when doing Hip Hop as it takes a lot of energy. Neve

Time: you need to keep in time with other people. Oliver

Keep in time with the music. Olivia

They did the Hip Hop in the right time. Einaas

Body: You need to move your body. Addison

Need to move your body when doing Hip Hop. Charlie.

Need to use your whole body. Anika



1/ 2 B Performing Arts

image image image imageWhat we know about Dance:

Have to keep in time with the music. Hamish

You need to have energy to dance other wise you might not be able to keep up with the music. Evan

Keep in rhythms. Ijaz

Use your body to dance. Dalia

Need to have space to dance. Sean

Need to keep the beat when dancing. Matilda

Don’t have to have to have music to dance. Alaska

Your body helps you to dance. Gianni

You need to use your body to dance. Sophie

Need energy to dance otherwise it will be sloppy. Samuel

You need to know the elements to dance. Josh


The Elements of Dance are and how we used them when doing some Hip Hop Dancing:

Space: we found our own space to dance in, making sure we don’t touch anyone so we don’t hurt each other. Gianni

Energy: We used energy in our dance to show we where excited about dancing. Sophie.

Body: We used our body to move and dance to the music. Ijaz

Time: You have to keep in time with the music and the instructor. Naima

Movement: You can use a range of movements to make the dance look good. Matilda

We had to do a lot of stepping around the area when doing hip hop. Samuel

Hip Hop is a fast dance and can be hard to keep in time. Samuel

Hip hop made me really puffed out. Hamish

Hip hop was fun. Sophie

I feel breathless after the hip hop. I liked to do the hip hop dancing. Ijaz

Hip hop is very tiring but I still like it. Evan

1/ 2 E Dance Unit

Today in Performing Arts the students in 1/2 E told me what they know about Dance. Here is what they said:

Dance is moving your body to the music. Charlotte

Move to the beat. Lillianna

Dance in time to the music. Toby

It is important to have your own space when dancing. Zehra

Dance to your feelings. Hamish

Dancing is fun. Suliman

If you are doing a big strong dance you need space to dance. Audrey

You need energy to dance. Ruby

Dance how you like. Albe

Make sure you have enough space to move. Alexander

Dancing is move around a lot. Matthew

Dance with the music. Mariana

Dance with space. Tom

I like to dance. Yafet

I love to dance. Eva

Dance to the beat. Iggy

If you dance a lot you use up energy. Damien

1/2 Recorder

The year 1/2’s have shown they all are very musically talented as well as have a great understanding of music theory over the past few weeks. They have been learning to play the recorder in. Performing Arts.

We start each lesson with a music theory program. We have learnt about notes, what a stave is, what a tribal clef is and

image how we can remember notes when they are on the stave. We remember the names of notes by saying a poem that tells us the name of the musical lines the poem is “Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit”. We remember the gapes between the lines using the word “Face”.

We then move on to cleaning our recorders and playing some songs from our new recorder books.

The 1/2s love playing the recorder and have shown they are very talented a swell as work together to listen and keep rhythm and time. Well done! imageimage

Thank to The Parents Association

Thank you PA for purchasing our new Performing Arts materials. We have started to use them and are looking forward to the next few weeks when we get to explore these tool in more detail. image image imageHere are the 1/2 students using the new class set of Recorder books.

image image image

Ribbons, scarves and one big parachute! Can’t wait to use these next week with the prep 1/2’s as we start our new topic of DANCE!