Art Room Rules and Expectations

Art Room Rules and Expectations!

Always move safely in the Art rooms! (Visual and Performing)

Respect the art equipment! We need to look after the items we use so we can use them next time.

 Always listen when someone is speaking! It is polite to listen when someone is speaking, it shows respect. Otherwise you might miss out on some instructions, questions or useful information.

 Put up your hand if you would like to speak and wait until you are asked! Calling out is rude and can be annoying for everyone in the class, especially the people who are waiting with their hand up. Be respectful to everyone in the class and take turns.

 Always be careful when using art equipment! Art equipment in the art room and the perfuming art room can be dangerous, expenses and something we want to look after. You must respect the equipment and treat it like it is your own. Put it back in the correct spot, clean it properly and always ask if you don’t know how to use it.

Always be careful when moving around the room! The art room can get wet and slippery and their are some big heavy shelves, we must make sure we are moving slowly (No running, pushing or rushing around),  move carefully and calmly. The performing arts room is a nice big open space, but we need to be careful of our friends and of any equipment that maybe in the room.

 Be nice and helpful to your classmates. We need to work together. WE ARE A TEAM!

 Listen carefully to instructions! Instructions are given to help you with your work. Listening is a key to learning.


 Have a GO!

Create, express, let lose, make, do, be happy and have fun!


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