Year 5/6 Homework- Children of Mars

When their parents go missing on a routine mission, nine children are left to survive on an often dangerous and unforgiving world. Thirteen year old Freddie, together with her brother Pierre, must ensure the safety and survival of the younger children, whilst also trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of the adults. Mars holds a secret so devastating, it will shake the foundations of the Red Planet and change the way humanity views the universe.


What happens next………………

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33 thoughts on “Year 5/6 Homework- Children of Mars

  1. I think that what will happen next will be about the kids and they find out the secret
    on mars and find their parents there too.
    Mietta 🙂

  2. Then after 3 months the 9 kids run out of food and slowly begin to die…..besides one. The reason why is because he was an evil robot sent to kill everyone on the mission but it turns out he wasn’t the only robot on the mission!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. There might be a volcano eruption and one of the children slip of the end of the planet mars. They get a first aid kit from one of the crashed space ships. And explore the planet mars

  4. Mars was slowly shrivelling up into nothing. The children didn’t know this, because the only people who had this knowledge were their parents (that’s why they were captured because some kind of evil creature was trying to kill them). They were on the mission to find the creature and… kill him.
    What happens next is that the parents are taken back to earth without the kids realising. Freddie and Pierre see the spaceship leaving and realise what is going on. Then the creatures capture them because they know their secret. The two children worry for the younger ones. Together they escape, find the younger kids and hop on their hidden space ship and fly back to earth where they find their relived parents. Two years later Mars is no more.

  5. After weeks and weeks of searching the children come across something that looks strange. The children all walk up to it. It turns out that it was a button that leads to the Master of Evils lair. There, they find their parents. They run up to the jail were the parents are and there is a finger print scanner. The all try and for some reason Freddie’s finger is the only one that works. All the parents come out and tell all the children Mars’s dark secret.

    Felicity Tseros 🙂

  6. I think they will all work together as a team and get everything they need to travel to mars and find other kids left without parents who help them to get to mars and there could be a death

  7. Well I think they might make a civilization there. Over time and find water vegetation and animals for food. And they might adapt to Mars air. And start up a colony there. And make houses out of the metals they might mine. They also might explore and map out the area and start up a mini earth on Mars! But in my opinion the adults wont come back.

  8. i think that the children will start running out of food and energy. then eventually they find their parents in a secret place on mars that hasn’t been discovered yet. they have food and oxygen there. also they found out what the secret was.

  9. I think that the kids will all work together and find there parents using teamwork. In the journey they will start to learn together about mars. Some kids may get hurt but they will all stop, wait and help them.

  10. I think that the children will get lost trying to find the parents. Then they will be some horrible, rabid (and humongous) animals that have eaten the parents and the kids will interact with them. They will escape but in the future they will defeat the animals or the main leader and find an old rocket ship and escape on it. They will fly back to earth and it will be happily ever after… or will it?

  11. I think that the nine children will find some sort of alien race that will look after them. The aliens will secretly kidnap the children one by one. The parents have been taken away and the aliens will not stop until they have stolen every last child from EARTH!!!!


  12. The kids with find a space shuttle from astronauts who landed and steal it and fly back to where ever they come from because they find out the adults died.

  13. I think they will gradually discover that there is a mysterious alien colony inhabiting Mars and they’re holding the adults hostage due to their fear of humans. These kids will then find out the aliens aren’t so different to humans and will try to work out a deal that will keep the aliens happy so they’ll release the adults. This will take a lot of work and friendships will be made between alien and human but will be torn apart because of the very few but major differences between the two life forms.

  14. My imagination lead me to believe that then a space ship comes and descended upon mars. thinking that it was the adults that had left them, alone. all them waving with their hands up except one. he was staring blankly at the space ship, and then ran, the others quickly followed.

  15. I think that they soon will discover the secret Mars is hiding and where their parents are. The secret might be devastating and Mars is about to end so they try to escape. But not all of them survive. The ones surviving are Freddie and Pierre with a few others and move to Earth to live.

    From Shirley

  16. After months and months of searching the kids found out that the adults died. Some kids started crying but Freddie still had hope of survival.

  17. i think that the 9 kids will fined the secret to mars. then fined there parents in a special place that no one knows about.

  18. i think that the kids will get captured and reunite with there parents but may never escape to the world they once knew


  19. The parents die. The kids live. eventually some evil which parents come to adopt the children. the new evil parents die and now all that the kids have is each other.

  20. I think that mars was running out of supplies so the parents went to get supplies. I think the kids are now stuck on mars without resources. Then I think there will be an earthquake. get it? they said it would: “it will shake the foundations of the Red Planet”. and yeah!

  21. I think that the two brothers Freddie and Pierre will find the adults that have disappeared on mars. But they may just find some missing adults not all of them

  22. The two kids do a spectacular job at caring for there brothers and sisters. After two months of hard work they find there parents of a remote part of the planet that they live on and they all live happily ever after!

  23. I think that the nine kids will work as a team. But Freddie and Pierre will take charge and guide the other seven kids. The nine kids will discus what to do but come to the conclusion that they should look for the adults and try to find them. Then once they have found the adults the children and the adults will try to solve the mission together.

  24. I think Freddie and Pierre will look after there sisters and brothers and together they will cooperate. Then they will make a plan for how to find there parents. When the nine children do, as a team they will find the secret on mars.

  25. After finding out that their supervision on the Red planet had disappeared, they had nowhere to go, rummaging around trying to find anything, anyone to help them. They sat down in hope that the last of the food and water supplies would keep them alive for the time being. They knew that at some point they had to start searching again but they didn’t know when, hesitant but determined the kids finally start to search some more. They discover a crater inside the last parts of the ship that had brought them to the Red planet. A broken communication device and possessions of the adults…

  26. the nine kids run out of food so the end up all dead . people travel to space and see a little spec on this planet so they go closer and find out that it is dead children.

  27. Dear Beth,
    Here is what I think happens next:
    Pierre glanced behind him, at first, all he saw was red mist, but after taking a closer look, he saw something that resembled a devil-like creature, racing towards them. He looked at her, and gestured straight ahead. To anyone-else, that would’ve been confusing, but she immediately knew what was about to happen… “Guys, we need to go, NOW!”

  28. I think that Mars was slowly crumbling, and the parents tried to find out why this is happening. Soon they found out why Mars was crumbling but know one else did. Some sort of creature (that was trying to destroy mars) found out, and killed them so they can’t spread the news.
    Soon, the children will find out about this and try to find out a way to leave, so that they don’t put their lives at risk.

  29. I think the kids will find their parents and discover the secret of mars. They will also be safe and no one gets hurt.

  30. As Freddie gets older she starts to become more and more translucent until barely noticeable. She starts to get visions and see all the adults until she finally spends most of her time with them. This proves that the parents and all the adults are living in a different dream world that children cannot visit. Or maybe the children are living in the dream world…

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