Art Room with the year 1/2’s

The year 1/2 students have been busy working on their clay sculptures in the art room. The process has been a new experience for many students experimenting with using clay as a medium as well as using clay tools. Students have enjoyed getting dirty and being messy with the sticky clay. Each 1/2 class has focused on sculpting a different structure based on their concert piece.

1/2A are working on Totem Poles.

1/2B are working on sculpting people or animals with umbrella’s.

1/2C are working on Mermaids.

1/2D are working on Snowmen.

1/2E are working on china cups and

1/2F are working on crocodiles.

Have a look at the photos and the process. More photos will be added as students finalise the clay stage of the sculpture building process. img_5231 img_5232 img_5233IMG_5059

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