Collaborative Art Works

This week is Collaborative Art Work Week. Each class is taking part in creative a large group art work on a canvas for our school fate.

image image image image

The school fate will be held in March. Each class is asked to produce a canvas to be sold at a silent auction. Today the years 1/2 students took a mid term break from Performing Arts to complete their class art work. Some of the year 5/6 students also completed their canvas today.

The years 1-6 students will be focusing on printing. Years 1/2 students also completed their back ground with some ink blowing to create a patterned, textured and bright background.

Hope you enjoy the photos and seeing the canvases at the fate.


Visual Diaries in the Art Room


What is a Visual Diary?

A visual diary is a special book that artist use to visually record ideas, inspirations and planning. A visual diary is usually set up in a way that is creative, informative and may be presented as a piece of art work in itself. Most artists keep a visual diary of projects they are working on as well as have one for any inspirations that may pop up.

Here are some photos of visual diaries from famous artists you may know.


Visual Diaries at MPPS.

This year we have begun to use visual diaries in the art room. Students have been working on putting together a visual collection of their learning. It is a place to store our ideas and plans. Students have been completing some homework on the colour wheel and the art elements and principles. Most of our art learning is based around these elements and principle as they are the building blocks for artists. They help us to think about different ways to create artworks as well as ways to compose works of art.

In year 5/6 this term, we are focusing our learning on Colour as an element with specific focus on monochromatic colours. Monochromatic colors are all the colors (tints, tones, and shades) of a single hue. We will be experimenting with making tints and shades in our visual diaries. 

The year 3/4 Students are also focusing on colour but they are looking at Complementary colours. They will be putting together a patchwork portrait with paper using a range of these colours.

In previous posts I have recorded some of the front covers that students have been working on.


What has been happening this term?

It has been an exciting start to the year in the Arts Department. The artroom looks clean and fresh. The Performing Arts room is all set up with a stage and a backstage area. We have been getting busy.


Visual Arts:

Students have been enjoying exploring visual diaries and what they are for in years 3-6. Student s have been working on a front page that is about them as an artist. image image imagePerforming Arts:

the Foundation students have settled in well. They have been focusing their learning on what Performing Arts is and will be moving on to music. Playing and exploring with instruments.

In years 1/2 students have been learning about drama and characters. They have been looking at fairy tales and good verses bad. They have begun to put on mini performances on the stage as well as work on being a good audience member.

Under Construction

Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to work with a graphic designer to create some marketing tools to accompany my blog site. It has been so much fun and so much learning and exploring has taken place. What a way to get the creative juices flowing. Looking at logo’s, headers, stationary and lots more. It has been such an adventure.

The blog site appearance has changed in order for the new header to fit right on in and so other interesting and new attributes can be added. (Stay tuned for these)

Keep a look out for the new graphics and new look.


Happy Creating


Artroom Display and Dropsheet Project

Starting a new year with a new look. Fresh and clean new drop sheets where added to the Artroom tables this week. I think they look so crisp. I am excited however to see them get a little messy.


I also added a few drawing inspiration and some greenery to the room with a succulent display on each table.


image image

2016 the year of the Portrait!

It was a hive of activity in the art room over the past few days as students got back into it. Each student from Foundation to year 6 has brought in their blank, fresh, ready to get the creative juices flowing visual diary.

The shelf in the artroom is a visual diary lovers dream. I do find myself looking at them and dreaming of the endless possibilities and projects that will be created and recorded in these blank pages.

Our first task was to work on a front cover.

I have dubbed 2016 ‘the year of the portrait’ what better place to start the year in art than by looking at a face. Weather it be your face or someone else. The eyes as I’m sure you have heard are the key to the soul. This inspired our first front cover page and artist to study. I bet you can guess who or what painting I’m writing about. Yep, the MONA Lisa. The students have been looking at her eyes and the fact that they do follow you around.

The front cover page of the diary is a MONA Lisa inspired page that has to be transferred to reflect the artist. Have a look at these pics of the students beginning their portraits. I’ll add more photos as we work on this task. image image image