New Year and a New Look

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a fantastic restful holiday.

Did anyone get arty? i did a bit of art play with my two year old. We used a Geli Pad and get all messy. It was heaps of fun. I’ll have to upload some pics. Would love to hear what art adventures you got up to!

As many can see the art blog looks super different. I have been playing with a new look and a new header. This has been the third one i have used this week, so lets see how long it lasts.

Whats happening in the art department in 2016?


We will be putting on a concert this year in Term 4 that the whole school will be involved in. Over the year to prepare for this students will focus on the topics of Drama, singing and dance in Performing Arts. We will be working on prop design and production in Visual Arts as well as many other projects.


In Visual Arts students in year 3-6 will begin by looking at portraits and woks by famous artists.

Foundation students will focus on drama and what is performing arts.

Years 1/2 students will be learning about characters and conducting character studies in Performing Arts.


It is going to be another busy year ahead.

Please leave a comment on the blog! We love to hear from you and the students love feedback on their work.