Self Portraits with the Foundation Students!

Over the past two weeks the foundation students have had a go at drawing a realistic self portrait. They looked in mirrors to see what shape their face was, they looked at the shape of their eyes, nose and mouth. Then we felt out features with our fingers and measured our face with our fingers.


The the students painted them in crazy fluresent colours. They look pretty cool! image image image image image image image

Art Show Helpers

The 2015 Artshow is fast approaching. ArtVision will take place in two weeks. How exciting!


If any parent or students are wanting to help out please contact me.


Set up will be on the Wednesday the 9th and pack up will take place the Friday morning.


Also we are looking for helpers on the night!


A massive, big, large, mega thanks to anyone and everyone who has already helped out or has volunteered their time.


The count down begins!

Scarechooks and Scarepeople!

I have been working on a project for the school Greenteam. After meeting with Leigh the Greenteam Teacher we decided we wanted some small works or art for the veggie patch. We wanted something that would last in the weather and look funky and smart. Our plan was to create a Scarecrow Family. So…… two scarechooks, one Scarelady and a Scareman. This is stage one complete. Now to let the kids decorate them! image

Texture with the Foundation Students!

image image imageFoundation Students have been learning about Texture as an Element of Art. Students created Texture collages and Texture Garlands. They had heaps of fun and showed very good colour and pattern choices as well as great motor skills with the threading. I have loved working on this project with the preps. My favourite thing about this project has to be the junk collecting. Leading up to this project any scraps or items that had a nice or different texture went into a texture tub. It looked like a big mess or texture but to the students it was a box or creations waiting to happen. I love how children see art in junk! More photos to come!

Birds, Birds and More Birds!

The year 1/2 students have been working on a Bird Sculpture project this term. They are looking fantastic. Enjoy looking at the photos as they progress and develop. I can’t wait to display these at the art show!

image image image image image image

Stay tuned….more photos to come!