Line and Organic Shapes with the Year 1/2’s

The year 1/2’s have been working on a piece of art that incorportaes line drawings with organic shapes.

Line is an element of art. It is a mark that has direction, width and length. Line can be straight, curvy, bumpy, zig zag, diagonal, horizontal, vertical and much more. The students experimented with line drawing using black marker on white paper. They explored cross hatching to make a range of shades such as light and dark. The backgrounds turned out striking.

Students then added a range of organic shapes that were pre-cut out of bold patterned paper. Organic shapes are shapes with a natural or organic look. They can be shapes that don’t have a specific name like a blob. They are associated with thinks from the natural world like plants, animals, water puddles etc. The students used these pre-cut organic shapes to create a bird on their background. IMG_1569 IMG_1570 IMG_1571 IMG_1572