Year 1/2 Warm and Cool Colour Protraits


The year 1/2 students have been focusing their learning on the art element of colour with specific focus on warm and cool colours. Students had to draw a self portrait using the technique of arts attic drawing.  This technique was inspired by the artist Joan Miro who would practise this technique to help him to push the boundaries in his artworks. The rules of automatic drawing are that once your pencil has begun to make a line drawing on the surface it must not be removed until you are finished. The students had a go at this technique  when drawing a self portrait. They then had to fill in the spaces using either warm or cool colours.

Students had had to then create a background using the opposit colours to what they used to paint their portrait. A warm portrait had to sit on a cool background and vice verse. The backgrounds had to be painted using a sponge to create a different effect. These works of art look fantastic. You can see them on the walls around the school. imageimage


Foundation Geometric Shape Animals in Primary Colours

in Foundation the students have been focusing on the art element of colour with a specific focus on the primary colours. This week be brought in a new element. The element of shape. Students read the book Mouse Shape and then created their own animal using shapes they cut out of the primary colours. They looked fantastic. I will add more photos along the way. image

Book Week 2015- Multiage Art Activity!

The shortlisted books for 2015 are just beautiful. I was so excited to be able to design an art activity for each of the picture story books. What a great way to celebrate literacy and art all at once. I was even more excited when I saw all of the art created by the students. A big thanks to all the teachers who jumped right in and gave the activities a go and organised these sessions. image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Book Week 2015

Tomorrow is the first day of Book Week 2015!

I love book week and enjoy all the activities that are organised. This year I have been busy organising 13 art activities. One for each book that is short listed in the picture story category. I can’t wait to see these activities in action on Tuesday.

Friday is book character dress up. I have been working on my costume today. So stay tuned for dress up day pics! image image image image

ARTVISION 2015- 2015 Art Show Design a Flyer Competition

2015 Art Show Design a Flyer Competition




All students at MPPS are invited to submit a piece of art to be published and printed on to a flyer for the 2015 Art Show titles: Artvision 2015.


The requirements and instructions are as follows:


Eligibility: Any students who attend school at MPPS in any year level.


Multiple Entries: One entry per student.


Judging and Winners: A panel of judges will review all entries and a finalist from each year level will be selected. Each artist will be rewarded a certificate and the finalist will be awarded a prize. All entries will be posted on the Arts Department blog site. A best of show winner will have their work featured on the 2015 flyer. Entrants must include each item from the judging criteria.


Judging Criteria:

  • The school name must be included on the flyer
  • The art show date: 10th of December 2015
  • The opening times: 6.00pm-7.30pm
  • The venue (Sports and Performance Centre)
  • The title of the art show: Artvision 2015
  • Artwork must be 2D and on a page no bigger than A4.
  • Your name (first name and surname) and year level (including teachers name) must be written clearly on the back of the artwork.
  • Artwork should make a link to the art show title in some way. (Interpretation by the individual)


Copyright laws: Artwork must be student’s own work and not copied from books, internet, television, movies or video games.


Types of Art: Students are encouraged to experiment with a range of art forms. Some ideas might include: A painting using watercolour, acrylic, food dye, photography, mixed media, textiles, paper art, drawing, printing and more.


Submission of Artwork: A box with a label can be found outside of the office for entries to be placed in.


Closing date: Friday 4th of September 2015


If you have any questions please contact me either via The Arts Department Blog site or via email.


Happy creating!


Beth McInnes

Visual and Performing Arts Teacher

Drop Sheets!

I have been experimenting with drop sheets as table clothes on the artroom tables.


These me drop sheets are becoming works of art. Students are using these to clean brushes, soak up water drops, and catch paint sploges.


I hope hope to turn these in to a form of art like: curtains, flags, bunting, some type of textiles.

I love these works of art.



Stay tuned.