Visual Arts with the year 1/2’s

imageThe year 1/2’s have been learning about Artist and some of the games they played to keep help inspire them and to push the art boundaries. The students looked at some art works by famous artist Joan Miro. Miro’s artwork was often classified as childlike. He used many bright colours but a lot of his art is based on the primary colours.


The games we played to get our artistic juices flowing is called ‘Automatic Drawing’. Students had to draw a warm up piece followed by a self portrait with a black marker. The instructions state that once the artist has started drawing they can’t take the marker off the paper until the drawing in complete. The drawings looked fantastic. Take a look:


Foundation Visual Arts Week 1 & 2

The prep students have shown much enthusiasm in the artroom over the past two weeks. They have listed many rules they feel are important and have demonstrated their understanding of these by the way they have been behaving in the art lessons. Well done preps.


The students have been learning about shapes with a special focus on circles. The preps look at a range of artworks by famous artist Sonia Delaunay. Sonia loved circles. She painted them, drew them and cut them up and put them together.

Here are some of her works of art:

image image


The prep students created their own work of art inspired by Sonia Delaunay. They used black paint and cuts or lids to print circles of different sizes on the paper. The works of art looked fantastic!

image image image image image

Welcome to Semester 2!

Welcome to semester two. It has been a busy start to the term in the arts rooms as each year level has swapped over to a new learning area. Year Foundation and year 1/2 students have swapped Performing Arts for Visual Arts and the year 3 to 6 have swapped Visual Arts for Performing Arts.


All students showed much enjoyment towards the new topics they will be focusing on!


Stayed tuned to see the work they are completing as I keep you to date on the blog site!

Book Week 2015 Activity Day

I was very luck to attend a Book Week Professional Development day yesterday at Zart Art. It was so much fun creative, exploring, and learning new tricks. I think I achieved a lot during the day and took heads of photos to inspire.image image

I hope I can do some of these activities and a few more I have been thinking up during the Book Week Celebration.

image image image

This is year the topic is “Light up our World’. This is related to this year being the ‘International Year of Light’.



Here are so some photos of my work as well as some of the other art teachers from around Victoria.


image image image image



It was also interesting speaking to other teachers about the art activities that they do at their schools as well and swap some ideas and make some new friends.