You Found It!

It was a mad dash yesterday at lunch time as students from all years levels check the school yard for the FIRST art canvas from ‘The Canvas Trail’. It was a hid and seek frenzy.

The lucky winner was year 6 student Mali.

imageThe art work was created by an artist who calls herself ‘Angel Series’. Angel Series only ever draws, paints or sprays Angels. This piece was titled ‘Angels Body’.

Mali now has the privilege to be the first student to create her own mini masterpiece for the trail. I’m expecting her creation early next week. It will then be wrapped and mixed into the canvas collection for distribution.

Next Tuesday there will be more than one canvas hidden in the school yard so get ready to search for the prize!


The Moonee Valley Festival Flag Project

flags q

MPPS were lucky enough to join other schools in the Moonee Valley area to take part in a flag making project. These flags were on display at the Moonee Valley Festival on Sunday the 22nd of February.

The Prep students worked with a small group of year 5/6 students to print their hands onto fabric. We then used glitter paint to write the school values on to the flags. The flag fabric was then sent to the council to be turned into flags for the festival. If you went to the festival on Sunday I hope you kept your eyes out for our schools flags.


Prep Skeleton Puppets

In prep this week we read a favourite book of mine ‘Funnybones’. image


Students then made skeleton noises and moved around like skeletons.

During the lesson students drew a background or scene showing a place they would go to play if they were a skeleton. The artwork all the preps produced was very creative and the drawing skills was fantastic.

image image image

Year 1/2 are great Conductors!

The year 3/4 students are focusing on Music this term. We have been exploring how we can made music with our bodies and now moving on to incorporating musical instruments into the lessons.

This week we talked about instrument that we may see in a band or an orchestra. We then discussed how an orchestra works and what the job of the conductor is. Students then worked in small groups to play music with their bodies and took turns at conducting their ‘Body Music Orchestra’.

image image image image

Plein air drawing with year 5/6

Plein air is a French word meaning ‘in the open air’ it is also a common art term meaning painting or drawing in the outdoors.

In art the year 5/6 students are beginning their art journey focusing on the Australian Impressionists. This time in art focuses on the years between 1883 and 1895 when artists such as Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Frederick McCubbin and Jane Sutherland were encouraged to explore the outdoors and to practice their paint inning skills en plein air.

Year 5/6 students begun last weeks class sketch in the outdoors choosing trees and shrubs from the school grounds and drawing with graphite. Our class focus was capturing a section of the tree as realisticely as possible.

This week we followed on from this turning our sketch into a colours chalk pastel drawing on a range of different textured paper. Valves. Paper, pastel paper and paper board. The different textures added to the individuality of the students works. Here are a few photo of works in progress. They are already looking fantastic.

image image image image

Zentangles with year 3/4

The year 3/4 students have been learning about rules in art. We have been looking at and experimenting with a rather new form of art called Zentangles. The Zentangle method and art form was created by two artists Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.

To create a correct Zentangle there are a number of rules that you must follow. These rules are:

-It must be unplanned and the end result should be a surprise.

-The art piece should have no top or bottom, it should be viewed from all sides.

-Must be abstract.

-Must be drawn in a square tile of 8.9cm.

-Must use black ink on white paper.

-Must be portable.

-Must be focused when completing one.

All students showed great focus and skill when using the fine liners. Students showed great maturity and followed each rule when completing their Zentangle. Here are a few sneak peaks.



1/2 Welcome Songs.

In year 1/2 we have been writing some welcome songs to get the year started and to enjoy some singing. Here are the songs and the tune they are to be sung to. Each class chose there own tune and all assisted to write the words. We counted the syllables to make sure we stuck to the tune. Each class worked well as a team and were very encouraging towards each others ideas.

1/2 A To the tune of ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’

We love to go to scho-ol

Go to school

Go to school

We love to go to scho-ol all day long

Everyday we love to learn

Love to learn

Love to learn

Everyday we love to learn all day long.


1/2 B To the tune of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’

Good day  Good day 1/2 B

We are the greatest class ever!

School is the best everyday

Learning new things is so fun.


1/2 C To the tune of ‘Humpty Dumpty’

Good morning, dear class, how are you?

We like P.E, We like to read, We like to write

School is fun, we like to play everyday

for the rest of the day we play we play.


1/2 D The the tune of ‘Incy Wincy Spider’

Hello hello for us

we are from 1/2D

Our teachers name is Maryrose, she is so very nice

we are all really smart, we love to dance and sing

Good by good by from us

we are from 1/2 D


1/2 E To the tune of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’

1/2E says hello, hello, hello

1/2E says hello, all day long

The children in the class say play, play, play

Play, play, play, play, play, play

The children in the class say play, play, play all day long.

The teacher in the class say learn, learn, learn

learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn

The teacher in the class say learn, learn, learn all day long

The friends in the class go chat, chat, chat

chat, chat, chat, chat, chat, chat

The friends in the class go chat, chat, chat all day long.


Well done year 1/2! 

Week 1 Performing Arts

I was very surprised with the lovely singing voices I heard from the students in foundation to year 2 this week. The classes sounded beautiful when singing our new welcome song about Performing Arts.

Here are the words if you would like to learn our song. It is sung to the tune of ‘Down at the Station’

The Arts Room

Down at The Arts Room

Every Monday Morning

See all the instruments lined up in a row

See all the children playing lots of music

Ring ding ring ding

Clang they go.


The year 1/2 Students have been working on their own ‘Welcome Songs’ about school and are almost finished so stay tuned to see them singing their songs.


The Foundation (Prep) Students did some beautiful dancing and acting pretending they had very long ears and made up moves to the song ‘If Your Ears Hang Low’. I was very impressed with there participation and enthusiasm. Well Done for your first Performing Arts Lesson!